April 15, 2012: Macy’s Expedition


Well, that was fast. Yesterday, I decided to venture down to Macy’s-Union Square here in San Francisco to see what was up in the store. Sad to say, it was rather dismal. The large table that was, in the past, full of Martha’s Whiteware was about 40-percent full. The Whiteware Large Bread Basket, still tagged as “new” on Macys.com, was marked down AND on the clearance table, and–horrors!–the 10″ Tri-Ply Nonstick Fry Pan was also marked down AND tagged clearance! Not to be found at all in the store was the Martha Stewart Collection Professional Series Tri-Ply 6 Qt. Casserole, and when I asked the sales associate to help me locate one, I was told that there were not a single one left in the entire state of California! Finding the 10″ Tri-Ply Nonstick Fry Pan on clearance and the Tri-Ply 6 Qt. Casserole out of stock completely was especially troubling, as both are part of the Martha Stewart Collection Professional Series, which was only launched last October.

Now, it’s difficult to say whether these are signs of fallout from the Martha vs. Macy’s feud or whether this is evidence that supports Martha’s claim that Macy’s has demoted her products to loss-leader status in order to lure customers into their stores where they would find Macy’s house brands (which generate more profits for Macy’s) better positioned and more readily available. What it does mean is this: It may become increasingly difficult to find Martha Stewart Collection items at Macy’s stores. If you have purchased Martha Stewart Collection products and need additional pieces in order to complete your set, you should consider buying those items soon. If you need additional pieces to account for any breakage that may occur in the future, you should similarly consider buying those items now.

Have any other FOMs noticed outages of products at your local Macy’s?

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