“The simple truth from Martha Stewart” in today’s Chicago Tribune

“You have to look at and evaluate every object. Is it beautiful? Do you use it? Do you like it? Is it important? Is it practical?” says Martha, in today’s Chicago Tribune article. It seems to me that Martha thoroughly enjoys having many beautiful things in her homes–but she also has the support to manage, care for, and store all these beautiful items. Many of us do not, so these tips seem perfectly timed for Spring cleaning activities and warmer weather. Garage sale, anyone?

Some tips from Martha in today’s Chicago Tribune:

Dishes Reducing to one favorite, easy-care set means you can change up your table using colorful napkins or flowers; or just keep it spare and serene.

Glassware One thin, elegant glass in a 12 or 16-ounce size can work for any beverage.

Kitchen gadgets These can be far to specific to be practical. Pare down to just the tools you really use, and you’ll make cooking easier.

Pantry items Ditch specialty ingredients that you haven’t used, and stock up with staples that suit the way you cook. Make sure you end up with enough room to see what you need and grab it easily.

Towels and sheets Consider switching to good quality white towels and sheets, which means they are interchangeable between bathrooms and bedrooms, can be washed all together, and can mix with colorful details.

Pillows Opt for comfortable down throw cushion inserts on sofas and chairs, then simply change the covers when you re-style your home.

Cleaning supplies A few basic supplies and tools should clean your whole house. The broom closet is a prime candidate for a reorganization.

Containers Consider standardizing the pantry containers and labels you use, to make storage areas easy to see and easy to rearrange as your needs change. Magazine holders and baskets are great for visible areas, clear plastic for cupboards and closets.

via The simple truth from Martha Stewart – chicagotribune.com.

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