Martha Does Grandma Duty With Jude

Awwww! Love these photos of GrandMartha taking Baby Jude out for a walk in the West Village yesterday, allowing daughter Alexis some alone time with newborn brother, Truman. I also love how Martha manages an outfit that is both smart-looking and practical. But of course! Does anyone know what kind of stroller Martha is pushing? Looks fancy to me.


Martha Stewart pushed her 1-year-old granddaughter Jude in her stroller in New York City on Thursday (April 19). Jude had a nice view of grandma while being pushed around the streets of the West Village.

via Martha Stewart: Grandma Duty With Jude | Celebrity Baby Scoop.

One thought on “Martha Does Grandma Duty With Jude

  1. […] what will be stored in the new 3,200 SF storage facility on her Bedford farm. When necessary, Martha’s practicality wins the day, but when she needs glam, Martha goes for it! The photo above shoes Martha arriving for the recent […]

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