Martha Stewart Fine Furniture is unveiled at Miles Talbott

Martha already has furniture available at Macy’s, Home Depot and Home Decorator’s Collection. Now, higher-end furniture company Miles Talbott has announced its own Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection. In San Francisco, the furniture will be available at the Loggia Showroom (San Francisco Design Center) and Wynne Alex (at Sacramento & Broderick Streets). Prices are expected to be at the top of Miles Talbott’s price range.

As of this morning, I did not see any additional information on the collection online. FOMs, please add links to furniture images as they become available!

From Furniture Today:

Martha Stewart said she loves designing furniture and wants to make it usable for the average homeowner as she unveiled her new Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection in the Miles Talbott showroom Saturday.

“We are thrilled to be introducing this furniture line at High Point,” said Patsy Pollack, senior executive vice president of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which along with ML Brands International, helped put the venture together with Miles Talbott and Lefa, a Pennsylvania-based importer. “For the first time, we are able to capitalize on Martha’s lifelong passion for collecting furniture, and share that passion with consumers who are eager to decorate their homes with beautiful designs.”

via Miles Talbott unveils its Martha Stewart collection.

2 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Fine Furniture is unveiled at Miles Talbott

  1. UPDATE: After finding no information about the Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection on the Miles Talbott website, I inquired to see when information would be available on the website, or on printed collateral. I received this very prompt reply from Richard Graves, the National Sales Manager for Miles Talbott:

    “Hi Brian:
    Thanks for your inquiry and your interest in the Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection.
    The web site information should up and running by June with support hard copy literature following.
    It is a very exciting portfolio of pieces and has been well received here at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point.
    Again, thanks for contacting us and we hope to hear back from you again.
    Richard Graves
    National Sales Manager”

    Not to worry, FOMs: I will be sure to post an update when Martha’s furniture is added to the Miles Talbott website.

  2. […] interview Martha discusses some of the inspiration behind her upcoming line of high-end furniture, Martha Stewart’s Fine Furniture. She also discusses, briefly, her upcoming show on PBS, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. […]

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