Martha’s Surprise Visit to Stonewall Kitchen

Imagine you are shopping at a nice little shop in Maine and you find that Martha Stewart has decided to stop by! That’s what happened yesterday morning to some lucky patrons of Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME. Seems Martha was on her way to Skylands and decided to stop in for a visit. How fun! On Tuesday’s Martha Stewart Show, which celebrated the release of Martha’s American Food, members of the studio audience were treated to Stonewall Kitchen’s Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Down East Tartar Sauce, and New England Cocktail Sauce. Those Stonewall Kitchen products are delicious! I especially love their jellies, jams, and marmalades and the Black Cherry Cognac Sauce Any FOMs have photos of Martha in the store? If so, please send and I’ll post here for others!


Domestic diva Martha Stewart swung by Stonewall Kitchen on her way to her Bar Harbor home Friday morning, delighting customers and staff, according to director of marketing Janine Somers.

Stonewall Kitchen co-owners Jonathan King and Jim Stott knew Stewart would be visiting and were there to greet her and give her a tour, Somers said.

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