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New Martha Stewart CraftStudio App: Free Download!

Martha’s new app was big news this week. As with previous Martha Stewart apps, the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app was uniformly well-received. (You can read a review of the new app from iPadAppsReviewer here.) MSLO’s strategy of lower-cost content distribution is becoming evident: Witness the video content that arrives daily featuring Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey in the Everyday Food newsletter (my favorite), and the availability now of all four monthly Martha Stewart publications on the iPad, and the numerous apps available for iPad and iPhone.

Good News!: You can download the Martha Stewart CraftStudio FOR FREE until July 8, thanks to Snapfish!

I don’t own an iPad, so I can’t play with the app, unfortunately. So, FOMs: Have any of you downloaded and explored the new app? What are your thoughts? If you want, send me your creations and I will post them here for other FOMs to see. Have fun!


Download the new Martha Stewart CraftStudio App now—a gift to you for a limited time! This special NO COST offer is available until July 8 thanks to Snapfish. (Regular price: $4.99.)

via Martha Stewart CraftStudio for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

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Martha’s American Food Named to USA Today’s Top 10 Summer Cookbooks

No suprise here: USA Today named “Martha’s American Food” to its “10 of the summer’s most tantalizing cookbooks”. With recipes for summertime menu staples like Classic Potato Salad, Sour Cherry Lemonade, Hamburgers, and Barbecued Ribs, it is a must-have for anyone interested in establishing a basic repertoire of American classics. Now, excuse me, FOMs–I’m off to make some Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream for the weekend! FOMs: Please send me a note if you’ve included one or more of the recipes from “Martha’s American Food” in your cooking this summer!

PLEASE NOTE: The website provides a recipe from “Martha’s American Food” for Classic Potato Salad (delicious!) but incorrectly calls for the celery, onion, and cornichons to be cut into 1-inch dice. According to the cookbook, these should be cut into 1/4-inch dice.

Summer cookbooks; Will ‘Fifty Shades’ fade? –

Surprise Judge Martha Judges TODAY Viewers’ Birthday Cakes

Martha made a surprise appearance on the Today Show this morning, to act as judge for the show’s homemade birthday cake contest. Martha’s criteria for judging a cake’s success: 1) Creativity/originality; 2) beautiful design; and 3) taste. Later, she added that, of the three, taste is the most important. I love this segment: Martha, while friendly and encouraging to all contestants, takes the tasting and judging of the cakes VERY seriously. FOMs: How nervous would you be in Martha was tasting YOUR cake? I would freak!

BTW, if you’re brave enough to do so, you can check out classic birthday cakes, with mouthwatering photos as well as recipes, on Martha’s website. WARNING: Do not click if you are hungry! You have been warned! 🙂

From The Today Show’s website:

Surprise guest judge Martha Stewart selects a winner from three viewer finalists in the competition for the title of best homemade birthday cake in America.

Surprise! Martha judges TODAY viewers’ birthday cakes – food –

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GrandMartha Takes Grandkids Out For a Stroll in NYC


There is absolutely no doubt that Martha loves being a grandmother to Alexis’ two adorable children, Jude and Truman. Whenever she is out with the youngsters, she is beaming ear to ear, as in the photograph above. Yesterday, along with a nanny, she took the grandkids out for a stroll in NYC. Hopefully, Alexis was enjoying some R&R during!

(NOTE: There were other photos published along with this one, but I will no longer post photos of Alexis’ children, after hearing Martha does not like paparazzi snapping photos of her grandkids. Fair enough, right?)

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Martha vs. Macy’s: Martha Wins Skirmish

Team Martha has won a procedural victory in the competing lawsuits underway between MSLO and Macy’s. Here’s a brief on what’s going down: Macy’s sued MSLO after Martha’s partnership with J.C. Penney was announced, claiming they had an exclusive agreement with MSLO. MSLO countersued, claiming Macy’s was not properly merchandising Martha’s products in their stores, but was using her brand as a “loss leader” to bring traffic into Macy’s stores where customers would find other house brands (which are more profitable for Macy’s) better stocked and merchandised. Boo, hiss on Macy’s!

MSLO wanted Macy’s CEO, Terry Lundgren, to be deposed under oath to answer their claim. Macy’s refused and has been trying to keep their CEO out of the court case and away from providing any testimony under oath. Yesterday, the judge sided with Team Martha, and Lundgren will be deposed on July 3! The court will rule on a preliminary injunction to halt the Martha-J.C. Penney partnership on July 13.

The nature of Martha’s agreement with J.C. Penney, where MSLO has more say over the manner in which Martha’s products are merchandised and presented in the dedicated “stores within a store”, certainly supports the claim that there was dissatisfaction with the way her products were handled by Macy’s. I think it will be fascinating to see sales figures for the periods when Martha Stewart products are available at both Macy’s and J.C. Penney stores. (Martha’s contract with Macy’s runs through 2014.)  Then it will be clear to see if merchandising can account for better sales figures.

You can read about my own Macy’s Shopping Expedition here.

From the Bloomberg website:

Martha Stewart Living in May asked New York State Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Oing to order Macy’s to make Lundgren available for a deposition as soon as possible, saying he has “unique, relevant personal knowledge.” Macy’s asked Oing to deny the request, saying it was “unreasonable and untimely.”

via Macy’s Lundgren to Be Deposed in Martha Stewart Lawsuit – Bloomberg.

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Martha Stewart Fine Furniture Website to Launch August/September

Originally scheduled to launch this month, the Martha Stewart Fine Furniture (MSFF) website launch has now been moved to August/September. I will update with additional information as it becomes available. Well, FOMs: Looks like we will have to wait a little bit longer to browse the MSFF collection. I can’t wait!
UPDATE: I’ve heard from Miles Talbott’s National Sales Manager that the launch has been moved to September/October. (Today’s date is 10/02!) Seems like they’d want the site up and running by the time Martha’s new cooking show debuts on PBS–which is this weekend–right?

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Martha is already taping “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” for the fall!

I hope that you already check Martha’s blog regularly. Martha is, of course, a writer and an exceptional photographer, and she devotes considerable attention to her very informative blog. In today’s entry “Planting the Terrace Urns at Skylands”, she shares some photographs (including the one shown above) from a lunch break she hosted for Skylands workers who were assisting with the planting of outdoor plants that had wintered in Bedford. She shares that she served a roast beef prepared the day before for an upcoming segment of her PBS show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School”. The standing ribs of beef roast recipe will be shared along with others this fall. What about it, FOMs: Are you planning to watch Martha’s show on PBS? Of course we are!

BTW, if you enjoy this type of behind-the-scenes information about Martha, then you’ll love Martha’s blog. There, she shares many things, including all the hard work that is involved in keeping her homes beautiful and up-to-date. One of my favorite entries, titled “Spring Redecorating at the Farm” shows what happened after Martha discovered the carpeting in her Bedford home had been installed improperly. Now I ask you: Who installs something incorrectly at Martha Stewart’s house? If anyone could catch such an error, it would be Martha, right?

From the photo captions on The Martha Blog:

Lunch break! It was delicious! We all sat in the kitchen and ate one of the roasts I had prepared the day before in a ‘Cooking School’ segment – standing ribs of beef. [The delicious meat] came from Pat LaFrieda in New York City – The recipe to come this fall on ‘Martha’s Cooking School’ on PBS!

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MSLO Names Michael Robinson VP of e-Commerce

Things are ramping up ahead of next year’s J.C. Penney’s launch. Today, it was announced that Michael Robinson, formerly Head of Ecommerce at retailer Anthropologie, has been named as VP of e-Commerce at MSLO. As reported earlier, part of the Martha-Penney’s partnership will involve a new online retail presence. It is still unclear if this new website will feature only MS items from the J.C. Penney’s, or if the site will be the return of the beloved and much-discussed Martha by Mail catalog, which featured a collection of products created by many different manufacturers, some exclusive to the Martha by Mail catalog and others that were not. What do you think, FOMs: Would you be excited to see the return of Martha by Mail in an online edition? (I know I would! I LOVED the Martha by Mail catalog, so full of beautiful things.)

From the press release on MarketWatch:

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. (MSLO) has appointed Michael Robinson to the newly created position of Vice President of e-Commerce. Robinson brings retail, direct-to-consumer and digital experience working with popular brands such as Anthropologie, Smith & Hawken Ltd., and Banana Republic, Inc., and will be responsible for building out the company’s e-commerce presence, including the site the company is jointly developing with J.C. Penney Company, Inc., which is slated to launch in 2013. He is reporting to Lisa Gersh, President and COO of MSLO.

Photo above courtesy of LinkedIn

via Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Names Michael Robinson Vice President of e-Commerce – MarketWatch.

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‘Everyday Food’ Partners With Chinet for Video Series

For several weeks now, Everyday Food Editor Sarah Carey has been demonstrating (by short video) the recipes featured in the Everyday Food newsletter. Interestingly, Everyday Food is now partnering with Chinet to feature Chinet’s products in these weekday newsletter videos during the month of June. In today’s newsletter, for example, Sarah uses Chinet’s 9-inch square disposable baking pan to prepare Mexican Style Lasagna. Although Martha regularly featured advertiser’s products on The Martha Stewart Show, this is a new, more integrated, form of “product placement” for MSLO. What do you think, FOMs: Does this feel intrusive, or do you trust MSLO to only feature high-quality products that you actually would find useful?

From AdWeek Magazine:

For the next month, the “Everyday Food With Sarah Carey” series—hosted by the magazine’s editor in chief, Sarah Carey—will feature a “presented by Chinet” banner in the video window, and certain videos will also integrate products from Chinet’s Bakeware line extension. In the past, Chinet has been involved as an advertiser with MSLO’s print magazines, as well as on The Martha Stewart Show, but this campaign marks the brand’s first major digital video integration.

The launch of the video series ties into MSLO’s recently announced strategy to move the company’s focus away from TV and broadcast programming in favor of producing more digital and Web video. The Martha Stewart Show, MSLO’s syndicated program that later found a permanent home on The Hallmark Channel, ended its six-and-a-half-year run in May.

via Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s ‘Everyday Food’ Partners With Chinet for Video Series | Adweek.

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