Martha’s New Book, “Living the Good Long Life”, to be published January 2013

Martha provided some details on her blog about her next book, “Living the Good Long Life”. Martha definitely seems well-qualified to offer advice on the topic: At 71, she looks absolutely smashing and appears remarkably calm for a business leader focused on a pivotal year ahead, including the launch of the new partnership with J.C. Penney and her new line of fine furniture. What do you think, FOMs: Are you looking forward to Martha’s new book? What did you think of Martha’s “Homekeeping Handbook”?

(Confession: “Homekeeping Handbook” is probably the Martha book I love the most. It is an encyclopedia of EVERYTHING one needs to know about keeping a home, from setting a table to cleaning every household item imaginable. It’s an large, informative and impressive book. I’ve even shared with others as a housewarming gift.)

From the Martha Stewart blog:

“This new book, ‘Living the Good Long Life’, has an expected publication date of January 29, 2013. What my ‘Homekeeping Handbook’ did for every aspect of keeping house, ‘Living the Good Long Life’ does for living the most healthy life after 40. In this book, I impart my expertise in my signature topics – eating, exercise, intellect, home, and organizing. It’s really the definitive handbook on staying well physically and mentally into and beyond middle age. This book is important because over the next 20 years, the US population of baby boomers aged 65 and up will jump nearly 80 percent to 1 in every 5 Americans. There’s a tremendous need for clear and inspiring information, tools, and resources as more people and their families face the challenges and responsibility of getting older and caring for one who is aging.”

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One thought on “Martha’s New Book, “Living the Good Long Life”, to be published January 2013

  1. UPDATE: This book will be published on May 7, 2013.

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