Martha’s American Food Named to USA Today’s Top 10 Summer Cookbooks

No suprise here: USA Today named “Martha’s American Food” to its “10 of the summer’s most tantalizing cookbooks”. With recipes for summertime menu staples like Classic Potato Salad, Sour Cherry Lemonade, Hamburgers, and Barbecued Ribs, it is a must-have for anyone interested in establishing a basic repertoire of American classics. Now, excuse me, FOMs–I’m off to make some Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream for the weekend! FOMs: Please send me a note if you’ve included one or more of the recipes from “Martha’s American Food” in your cooking this summer!

PLEASE NOTE: The website provides a recipe from “Martha’s American Food” for Classic Potato Salad (delicious!) but incorrectly calls for the celery, onion, and cornichons to be cut into 1-inch dice. According to the cookbook, these should be cut into 1/4-inch dice.

Summer cookbooks; Will ‘Fifty Shades’ fade? –

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