More From Martha at the PBS Unveiling

Martha proudly takes credit for her enormous contributions in this interview, which the reporter thinks is “cocky”–although he clarifies to say that Martha is “politely cocky, pleasantly cocky, bluntly cocky in a way that indicates there’s a reason she is who she is. Cocky in a manner that clearly states she can back it up.” Indeed, she can back it up!

Also telling was this quote, foreshadowing the priorities of MSLO for the future: “And our business doesn’t match our brand at all yet. It will. But it’s much smaller than our brand. It should be bigger. And it will be.” Sounds like a business plan to me! Go Team Martha!

From the Toronto Sun website:

“We certainly have had an effect on the American home, and I think that we’ve elevated the subject of homemaking and home-keeping to a level much, much, much more respected and more beautiful than ever before.”

via Martha Stewart blunt on her impact | TV | Entertainment | Toronto Sun.

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