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Martha’s Interview with Austin Business Journal [video]


Martha Stewart sits for an extensive interview to share her thoughts about business and entrepreneurship. Colin Pope, the interviewer, says that, of the 20-plus interviews he’s taped, this one with Martha is the all-time most requested. The video is 45-minutes of pure Martha fabulousness. Enjoy!

From the Austin Business Journal:

This is an entrepreneur who has amassed a reported net worth of $638 million as she built one of the world’s most recognizable brands, so I was eager to sit down with her last year and extract some business intelligence for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The conversation ran the gamut — from mistakes made in her startup days to how she markets in the digital world. She got in a few laughs about her prison stay, but I was pleased to be a part of almost an hour of straight business talk from someone who rarely goes on about corporate strategy.

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Martha’s Beauty Regimen Highlighted in New York Times


There’s no denying that Martha looks fabulous, always. And now we know why! Martha shares her beauty regimen and her favorite products in an article in Thursday’s NY Times. She details her favorite products and regimen for skincare, make-up, fragrance, and hair. Finally, she shares her thoughts on diet and exercise. Say’s Martha, “You can be the most beautiful person on earth, and if you don’t have a fitness or diet routine, you won’t be beautiful.” FOMS: Whatever Martha’s doing, it’s working–she looks fabulous, don’t you think?

From the New York Times article (as is the above photo):

“I was told years ago by my daughter, Alexis, that I shouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. You’ll pay for it if you don’t because somebody will be there with a camera snapping away and you’ll look awful or just plain.”

If you are interested, as I was, in what this regimen will cost you, you might also enjoy this article that provided prices for the products Martha recommends. Most useful, this article also provides links so that you can purchase any and all items for yourself! The headline for the article describes Martha’s regiment as “insane”. However, as a public figure, who represents a publicly-traded company that promotes visuals and aesthetics, and carries her name, Martha simply MUST look her best. For the rest of us, the investment is optional–but who doesn’t want to look his/her best, too? Here’s the Martha Stewart article, from Racked.


Martha Attends Professional Bull Riders Opener (And Rocks a Killer Outfit)


Martha attended the Professional Bull Riders season opener at Madison Square Garden in NYC last weekend, in a stunning and (of course) event-appropriate outfit. Martha, long a farm owner/operator in Bedford, NY, told People Magazine, “I love this sport. I can’t believe they can stay on there for eight seconds.” FOMs: If there’s any 70-something woman who could successfully take on bull riding, our money’s on the ageless SuperMartha!

From People Magazine (as is the above photo):

Amid a sea of cowboy hats at the Professional Bull Riders season opener in New York City this weekend was a surprising celebrity fan.

“I love this sport,” Martha Stewart told the crowd at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. “I can’t believe they can stay on there for eight seconds.”

Stewart wasn’t the only famous supporter in attendance, either.

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