Martha Travels NYC-LA and Is Described as “Perfect” Passenger


Martha traveled from NYC-LA (among other reasons, to attend the wedding of music mogul-turned-luxury home designer Sandy Gallin and Bryan Fox), completely unaware there was a spy on board apparently observing her every move. Said spy later reported to Daily News that Martha was the “perfect” passenger–politely inquiring about wine offerings, neatly folding her blanket after use, and freshening up just before landing–and cleaning the sink behind her! Bonus points for traveling in impeccable style, I’d addFOMs: This is why we love Martha, right?

The full story can be found here.

From Daily News (as is the above photo):

Martha Stewart is a domestic diva even when she flies. A first-class spywitness on an American Airlines Friday flight from JFK to LAX tells us the homemaking maven was an utter delight on board — but refused all offerings on the wine list, including a Bogle Sauvignon Blanc, an Echelon Chardonnay and an Oakley 82 California Red.



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