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“Entertaining” Published 30 Years Ago Today!


Thirty years ago today, in 1982, the world was introduced to Martha Stewart when her first book, Entertaining, was published. At the time, Martha was a homemaker, a working mother, and a successful caterer in Westport, Connecticut. After the book was published, things snowballed and a string of books followed, including Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook (1983), Martha Stewart’s Hors D’oeuvres (1984), Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts(1985), Weddings (1987), The Wedding Planner (1988), Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook Menus (1988), and Martha Stewart’s Christmas (1989), and others. By 1989, Time magazine had dubbed Martha the “guru of good taste”, and she’s been going strong since–learning, teaching, and inspiring all of us to work hard and do good things for ourselves and for others. Happy Birthday, Entertaining–and thanks, Martha!

Here’s how it all went down, according to Wikipedia:

Andrew [Martha’s first and only husband, whom she divorced in 1987] and Martha Stewart moved to Westport, Connecticut. They purchased and undertook a restoration of the 1805 farmhouse on Turkey Hill Road that would later become the model for the TV studio of Martha Stewart Living. During the project, Stewart’s panache for restoring and decorating became apparent. In 1976, Stewart started a catering business in her basement with a friend from her modeling days, Norma Collier. Stewart soon bought [Norma’s] portion of the business. Stewart was also hired as the manager of a gourmet food store, the Market Basket.

Andrew had become the president of prominent New York City publisher, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. In 1977, he was responsible for releasing the English-language edition of The Secret Book of Gnomes series, by Dutch authors Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet, which quickly became a blockbuster success and was on The New York Times Best Seller list. He contracted Stewart’s company to cater the book release party, where Stewart was introduced to Alan Mirken, head of Crown Publishing Group.

Mirken was impressed by Stewart’s talent and later contacted her to develop a cookbook, featuring recipes and photos from the parties that Stewart hosted. The result was her first book, Entertaining (December 13, 1982), ghostwrittenby Elizabeth Hawes.

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Martha’s Appeal Spotlighted in Sunday New York Times Article

Did you catch the very flattering article in Sunday’s New York Times? In it, Martha’s appeal to entrepreneurial twenty-somethings is spotlighted. It seems Martha’s personal story of turning her passion for homemaking, catering, and crafting into a multi-million dollar empire continues to inspire. MSLO has responded by messaging directly to this demographic, as they did in the recent “American Made” promotion that culminated with a festival in New York’s Grand Central Station. The challenge, however, is how to convert Martha’s appeal to these younger people into sales. MSLO has been struggling to achieve profitability, although Martha herself seems to be more popular than ever! GO MARTHA!

From the NY Times article (as is the photo above):

Ms. Stewart, the 71-year-old founder, has emerged as something of a patron saint for entrepreneurial hipsters, 20- and 30-somethings who, in a post-recessionary world, have begun their own pickling, cupcake and letterpress businesses and are selling crafty goods online.

“She’s an example of a strong woman who has done amazing things with her life.” Ms. Farill said.

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Martha Hosts American Made Workshop at Grand Central Station

Martha Stewart at American Made event in Grand Central Station

Martha was in Grand Central Station yesterday to celebrate American crafting and creative entrepreneurship. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia created the American Made Award to honor people who’ve started businesses based on their passion for creating. This year’s 11 honorees are featured in October’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, and you can learn more about them here. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, MSLO hosted an American Made workshop in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station in NYC. You can see lots of photos from the event and its set-up here. Of course, Martha was on hand to celebrate the honorees, invite others to learn and participate, and to provide some tips of her own.


Thursday morning, Martha Stewart gave a presentation of “Five Things Everyone Needs to Know,” her favorite tips and tricks for everything from pumpkin carving to house painting. Here are her five key tips:

1. Use an ice ball maker for perfectly spherical ice for liquor. It’s a neat trick that will keep drinks cool.

2. Cut open the bottom of a pumpkin when carving to preserve the look of the pumpkin and coat the cut parts with petroleum jelly to keep them from rotting. See this tip. 

3. Put a whole head of garlic between two metal bowls and shake to remove all the paper for perfectly clean garlic cloves. Wash your hands on the stainless steel metal bowl to get rid of the smell. See this tip.

4. To remove thorns from a rose easily, grab a thick washcloth and run it firmly down the sides to rip off the leaves and thorns.

5. When painting in your house, attach a rubber band across the mouth of a paint bucket to wipe the brush on. The drips will fall back into the can. See this tip.

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This is a nice video with clips from Martha’s speech to graduating students. How inspiring to have Martha Stewart share some of her ideas with you as you embark on your post-graduate career! On her own blog, Martha shares some of what she spoke about to the students: “I spoke about the importance of working hard, finding passion, knowing it’s never too late to achieve, be willing to rethink your ideas but persevere, stay curious, and taking the time to savor success and celebrate it with family and friends.”

The representative of the University of Phoenix–where many students are older than average college students, have families, and/or are continuing their education while working full-time–shared why they asked Martha to speak at the commencement. He says, “Martha embodies the spirit of University of Phoenix…the spirit of sticking to it, of reinventing herself when necessary, and of staying with it until she succeeds.” Indeed!

FOMs: Add to Martha’s list of achievements: Inspirator in Chief!

From Vimeo:

June 2012, Glendale, AZ: American business magnate, media personality, magazine publisher, best-selling author, and lifestyle “guru” Martha Stewart gave the commencement speech at the University of Phoenix. During the course of two days and with over 10,000 guests in attendance, Stewart addressed more than 2,000 graduates from around the country at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.


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Martha’s American Food Named to USA Today’s Top 10 Summer Cookbooks

No suprise here: USA Today named “Martha’s American Food” to its “10 of the summer’s most tantalizing cookbooks”. With recipes for summertime menu staples like Classic Potato Salad, Sour Cherry Lemonade, Hamburgers, and Barbecued Ribs, it is a must-have for anyone interested in establishing a basic repertoire of American classics. Now, excuse me, FOMs–I’m off to make some Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream for the weekend! FOMs: Please send me a note if you’ve included one or more of the recipes from “Martha’s American Food” in your cooking this summer!

PLEASE NOTE: The website provides a recipe from “Martha’s American Food” for Classic Potato Salad (delicious!) but incorrectly calls for the celery, onion, and cornichons to be cut into 1-inch dice. According to the cookbook, these should be cut into 1/4-inch dice.

Summer cookbooks; Will ‘Fifty Shades’ fade? –

Martha is Awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts

Without question, there are few individuals who have done more to raise the profile of design in people’s everyday lives than Martha Stewart. It is rare to see a business leader who so successfully integrates design strategy into her company’s business strategy. She deserves every design award available–and perhaps it is all these awards that she plans to store in the 3,200 square foot storage building planned for her Bedford estate that was recently approved by the town council. Congratulations, Martha!

From her own blog, The Martha Blog:

“I am so proud and happy to report that I recently received an honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). Many extraordinary designers have passed through this prestigious school’s doors and I was so thrilled to be notified that I was chosen, along with three other distinguished individuals, as a recipient of an honorary degree at NYSID’s ninety-fifth commencement exercises, recognizing my influence and contributions to the word of entertaining and style.”

via My Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts! – The Martha Stewart Blog.

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