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Martha’s Appeal Spotlighted in Sunday New York Times Article

Did you catch the very flattering article in Sunday’s New York Times? In it, Martha’s appeal to entrepreneurial twenty-somethings is spotlighted. It seems Martha’s personal story of turning her passion for homemaking, catering, and crafting into a multi-million dollar empire continues to inspire. MSLO has responded by messaging directly to this demographic, as they did in the recent “American Made” promotion that culminated with a festival in New York’s Grand Central Station. The challenge, however, is how to convert Martha’s appeal to these younger people into sales. MSLO has been struggling to achieve profitability, although Martha herself seems to be more popular than ever! GO MARTHA!

From the NY Times article (as is the photo above):

Ms. Stewart, the 71-year-old founder, has emerged as something of a patron saint for entrepreneurial hipsters, 20- and 30-somethings who, in a post-recessionary world, have begun their own pickling, cupcake and letterpress businesses and are selling crafty goods online.

“She’s an example of a strong woman who has done amazing things with her life.” Ms. Farill said.

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Martha Hosts American Made Workshop at Grand Central Station

Martha Stewart at American Made event in Grand Central Station

Martha was in Grand Central Station yesterday to celebrate American crafting and creative entrepreneurship. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia created the American Made Award to honor people who’ve started businesses based on their passion for creating. This year’s 11 honorees are featured in October’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, and you can learn more about them here. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, MSLO hosted an American Made workshop in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station in NYC. You can see lots of photos from the event and its set-up here. Of course, Martha was on hand to celebrate the honorees, invite others to learn and participate, and to provide some tips of her own.


Thursday morning, Martha Stewart gave a presentation of “Five Things Everyone Needs to Know,” her favorite tips and tricks for everything from pumpkin carving to house painting. Here are her five key tips:

1. Use an ice ball maker for perfectly spherical ice for liquor. It’s a neat trick that will keep drinks cool.

2. Cut open the bottom of a pumpkin when carving to preserve the look of the pumpkin and coat the cut parts with petroleum jelly to keep them from rotting. See this tip. 

3. Put a whole head of garlic between two metal bowls and shake to remove all the paper for perfectly clean garlic cloves. Wash your hands on the stainless steel metal bowl to get rid of the smell. See this tip.

4. To remove thorns from a rose easily, grab a thick washcloth and run it firmly down the sides to rip off the leaves and thorns.

5. When painting in your house, attach a rubber band across the mouth of a paint bucket to wipe the brush on. The drips will fall back into the can. See this tip.

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