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Martha Launches New Online Video Series, “Countdown to Christmas”

One of the ways MSLO has reduced expenditures as the company returns to profitability has been to reduce its presence on network television. (As you might guess, producing a daily talk show and taping before a live audience are both quite expensive.) Instead, MSLO promised more web-based programming, along the lines of the Sarah Carey-hosted Everyday Food videos that you can sign-up to receive each weekday in your mailbox. Now, the company has released the first web videos hosted by Martha herself, titled “Countdown to Christmas”. The exciting news about these new videos is that they were shot at Martha’s home in Bedford, NY. NINE recipe videos and SEVEN craft videos have been added to the revamped video hub at the Martha Stewart website. Go visit and enjoy! FOMs: It is like spending the holidays on Martha’s farm! How exciting!

From the Advertising Age website:

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is making an effort to go beyond posting clips culled and repurposed from its hundreds of hours of TV content. The new holiday videos are the first pure, short-form online videos to star Ms. Stewart herself. They include prominent product placement from brands such as Starbucks, Estee Lauder and Truvia. Ms. Stewart incorporates Starbucks, for example, into a craft project where she makes a felt-package for gift cards. “I think they are very pretty,” she says, holding up a Starbucks gift card.

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Martha on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

This is a delightful interview with Martha that aired on the NPR program, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”. The interview is followed by a short game or quiz about quirky crafts. Of course, Martha shows her trademark quick wit and good humor. I promise you this: Martha will surprise even her most ardent fans with some things they did not know about her. Enjoy, FOMs!

You can also read the transcript of the interview here.

From the NPR website:

For 30 years, Martha Stewart has been teaching people how to be classy, useful, attractive and elegant, with her books, TV shows, magazines and websites. Though we’d like her to declare Wait Wait one of her trademark “good things,” we can’t promise that’s going to happen. Stewart is known for helping people come up with great do-it-yourself projects, so we’ve invited her to play a game called “It’s a bad thing.”

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Martha Hosts American Made Workshop at Grand Central Station

Martha Stewart at American Made event in Grand Central Station

Martha was in Grand Central Station yesterday to celebrate American crafting and creative entrepreneurship. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia created the American Made Award to honor people who’ve started businesses based on their passion for creating. This year’s 11 honorees are featured in October’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, and you can learn more about them here. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, MSLO hosted an American Made workshop in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station in NYC. You can see lots of photos from the event and its set-up here. Of course, Martha was on hand to celebrate the honorees, invite others to learn and participate, and to provide some tips of her own.


Thursday morning, Martha Stewart gave a presentation of “Five Things Everyone Needs to Know,” her favorite tips and tricks for everything from pumpkin carving to house painting. Here are her five key tips:

1. Use an ice ball maker for perfectly spherical ice for liquor. It’s a neat trick that will keep drinks cool.

2. Cut open the bottom of a pumpkin when carving to preserve the look of the pumpkin and coat the cut parts with petroleum jelly to keep them from rotting. See this tip. 

3. Put a whole head of garlic between two metal bowls and shake to remove all the paper for perfectly clean garlic cloves. Wash your hands on the stainless steel metal bowl to get rid of the smell. See this tip.

4. To remove thorns from a rose easily, grab a thick washcloth and run it firmly down the sides to rip off the leaves and thorns.

5. When painting in your house, attach a rubber band across the mouth of a paint bucket to wipe the brush on. The drips will fall back into the can. See this tip.

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New Martha Stewart CraftStudio App: Free Download!

Martha’s new app was big news this week. As with previous Martha Stewart apps, the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app was uniformly well-received. (You can read a review of the new app from iPadAppsReviewer here.) MSLO’s strategy of lower-cost content distribution is becoming evident: Witness the video content that arrives daily featuring Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey in the Everyday Food newsletter (my favorite), and the availability now of all four monthly Martha Stewart publications on the iPad, and the numerous apps available for iPad and iPhone.

Good News!: You can download the Martha Stewart CraftStudio FOR FREE until July 8, thanks to Snapfish!

I don’t own an iPad, so I can’t play with the app, unfortunately. So, FOMs: Have any of you downloaded and explored the new app? What are your thoughts? If you want, send me your creations and I will post them here for other FOMs to see. Have fun!


Download the new Martha Stewart CraftStudio App now—a gift to you for a limited time! This special NO COST offer is available until July 8 thanks to Snapfish. (Regular price: $4.99.)

via Martha Stewart CraftStudio for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

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Martha Stewart Crafts® Introduces Crafter’s Clay

I will admit that, while I am a true Martha Stewart devotee, I did not get the crafting gene. However, I have purchased some items from the Martha Stewart Crafts line, available exclusively at Michael’s, but they were items for general use, including some really nice heavy-duty scissors that I absolutely love. So another original FOM, Corinne, has agreed to act as this blog’s special crafting contributor. Perhaps she will let us know about this new Crafter’s Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts!

From PR Web:

Martha Stewart Crafts® is introducing a new and innovative Crafter’s Clay. Unlike traditional clays that require an oven, Crafter’s Clay is an easy-to-use paper-based clay that feels smooth and pliable, and air dries quickly. The lightweight texture allows crafters to effortlessly mold the most delicate designs for floral arrangements, figurines, and embellishments for cards, scrapbooking, and paper crafting.

via Martha Stewart Crafts® Introduces Crafter’s Clay, a Premium Collection of Clay, Tools and Specialty Kits.