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‘Everyday Food’ Partners With Chinet for Video Series

For several weeks now, Everyday Food Editor Sarah Carey has been demonstrating (by short video) the recipes featured in the Everyday Food newsletter. Interestingly, Everyday Food is now partnering with Chinet to feature Chinet’s products in these weekday newsletter videos during the month of June. In today’s newsletter, for example, Sarah uses Chinet’s 9-inch square disposable baking pan to prepare Mexican Style Lasagna. Although Martha regularly featured advertiser’s products on The Martha Stewart Show, this is a new, more integrated, form of “product placement” for MSLO. What do you think, FOMs: Does this feel intrusive, or do you trust MSLO to only feature high-quality products that you actually would find useful?

From AdWeek Magazine:

For the next month, the “Everyday Food With Sarah Carey” series—hosted by the magazine’s editor in chief, Sarah Carey—will feature a “presented by Chinet” banner in the video window, and certain videos will also integrate products from Chinet’s Bakeware line extension. In the past, Chinet has been involved as an advertiser with MSLO’s print magazines, as well as on The Martha Stewart Show, but this campaign marks the brand’s first major digital video integration.

The launch of the video series ties into MSLO’s recently announced strategy to move the company’s focus away from TV and broadcast programming in favor of producing more digital and Web video. The Martha Stewart Show, MSLO’s syndicated program that later found a permanent home on The Hallmark Channel, ended its six-and-a-half-year run in May.

via Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s ‘Everyday Food’ Partners With Chinet for Video Series | Adweek.

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