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Martha Discusses Martha Stewart CraftStudio at Soho Apple Store

OK, I think I’m going to have to break down and buy an iPad just so I can play with this app, Martha Stewart CraftStudio app, which has been universally praised by critics since its release a few weeks ago. (Another reason to buy an iPad: Each of the four Martha Stewart monthly publications, including Martha Stewart Living, is available in an enhanced edition–but these are optimized to work only on iPad. They do work on my Kindle, but only as a multipage PDF–I am unable to view animations and link to additional content, unfortunately.) Also in attendance, and providing a demo of the app, was design goddess Gael Towey, MSLO’s Chief Integration and Creative Director. FOMs: Have you downloaded and played with this app? What are your initial impressions?

The list of content available digitally from MSLO is quite impressive, and continues to grow. You can check out the digital magazines and mobile apps that are available here.

Also, be on the the lookout: A podcast of last night’s event will soon be available for free download on Apple’s iTunes!


Crafting has always been one of my passions and I have always felt that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has some of the best crafters. Over the years, we have developed a superior line of crafting tools and kits, demonstrated crafting on my televisions shows, as well as provided step by step directions on our website and in our magazines.

You can preview Martha Stewart CraftStudio here.

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Martha’s Surprise Visit to Stonewall Kitchen

Imagine you are shopping at a nice little shop in Maine and you find that Martha Stewart has decided to stop by! That’s what happened yesterday morning to some lucky patrons of Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME. Seems Martha was on her way to Skylands and decided to stop in for a visit. How fun! On Tuesday’s Martha Stewart Show, which celebrated the release of Martha’s American Food, members of the studio audience were treated to Stonewall Kitchen’s Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Down East Tartar Sauce, and New England Cocktail Sauce. Those Stonewall Kitchen products are delicious! I especially love their jellies, jams, and marmalades and the Black Cherry Cognac Sauce.¬† Any FOMs have photos of Martha in the store? If so, please send and I’ll post here for others!


Domestic diva Martha Stewart swung by Stonewall Kitchen on her way to her Bar Harbor home Friday morning, delighting customers and staff, according to director of marketing Janine Somers.

Stonewall Kitchen co-owners Jonathan King and Jim Stott knew Stewart would be visiting and were there to greet her and give her a tour, Somers said.

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