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Martha Travels NYC-LA and Is Described as “Perfect” Passenger


Martha traveled from NYC-LA (among other reasons, to attend the wedding of music mogul-turned-luxury home designer Sandy Gallin and Bryan Fox), completely unaware there was a spy on board apparently observing her every move. Said spy later reported to Daily News that Martha was the “perfect” passenger–politely inquiring about wine offerings, neatly folding her blanket after use, and freshening up just before landing–and cleaning the sink behind her! Bonus points for traveling in impeccable style, I’d addFOMs: This is why we love Martha, right?

The full story can be found here.

From Daily News (as is the above photo):

Martha Stewart is a domestic diva even when she flies. A first-class spywitness on an American Airlines Friday flight from JFK to LAX tells us the homemaking maven was an utter delight on board — but refused all offerings on the wine list, including a Bogle Sauvignon Blanc, an Echelon Chardonnay and an Oakley 82 California Red.



Martha Attends Professional Bull Riders Opener (And Rocks a Killer Outfit)


Martha attended the Professional Bull Riders season opener at Madison Square Garden in NYC last weekend, in a stunning and (of course) event-appropriate outfit. Martha, long a farm owner/operator in Bedford, NY, told People Magazine, “I love this sport. I can’t believe they can stay on there for eight seconds.” FOMs: If there’s any 70-something woman who could successfully take on bull riding, our money’s on the ageless SuperMartha!

From People Magazine (as is the above photo):

Amid a sea of cowboy hats at the Professional Bull Riders season opener in New York City this weekend was a surprising celebrity fan.

“I love this sport,” Martha Stewart told the crowd at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. “I can’t believe they can stay on there for eight seconds.”

Stewart wasn’t the only famous supporter in attendance, either.

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Martha Visits Persephone Farm in Washington State


This is one of the qualities I suspect each of us admires about Martha: her unquenchable desire to learn. While visiting Washington for the wedding of horticulturalist Dan Hinkley and Robert Jones, Martha found time to visit nearby Persephone Farm.

Dan Hinkley and Robert Jones founded Heronswood, a mutli-acre botanical garden in Kingston, WA. You can tour the gardens by visiting the Heronswood website’s photo gallery here.

And yes–that is Ryan, Martha’s (very cute) gardener, in the photo, second from left.

From Persephone Farm’s website (as is the above photo):

Martha knew the names of all the plants and we had fun comparing gardens, hers stretching from Bedford NY to Mt. Desert Island, ME. One of her personal gardeners was with us and he seemed to be taking lots of notes and shooting pictures.

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Martha vs. Macy’s: Martha Testified Today


As you probably know, the Martha vs. Macy’s trial has begun. Let’s recap the relevant developments:

– In 2005, MSLO and Macy’s enter into an agreement to sell Martha Stewart branded items in Macy’s stores. The agreement gives Macy’s exclusive rights to sell Martha Stewart branded items in specific categories: bedding, bath, cookware, and dinnerware. Importantly, the agreement also contains language that allows MSLO to sell Martha Stewart branded items outside Macy’s stores, as long as they are sold in stand-alone Martha Stewart stores. (For at the time, there was a single Martha Stewart store in Japan.)

– In 2011, MSLO entered into a partnership with JC Penney to sell Martha-branded items in dedicated spaces inside JC Penney stores, essentially creating a Martha Stewart “store within a store” in JC Penney stores nationwide.

– In 2012, Macy’s sued both MSLO and JC Penney, claiming that the partnership was a breach of Macy’s exclusive right to sell Martha Stewart branded items in the specific product categories. Initially, Macy’s asked the judge to order MSLO to cease any collaborative efforts with JC Penney until after the issue was resolved at trial. However, the judge did not allow Macy’s request.

– Since then, MSLO and JC Penney have forged ahead to create MarthaHome, a “store within a store” offering three collections of products: MarthaPantry (food items), MarthaCelebrations (paper party products), and MarthaWindow (window treatments). It is also known that MSLO designers are working with JC Penney to create the “JC Penney Everyday” collection, which will offer products in those categories to which Macy’s claims to hold exclusive rights. In order to adhere to the MSLO-Macy’s exclusivity agreement, the JC Penney Everyday products will NOT have any Martha Stewart branding on them. (Although there is a connection: “Martha Stewart Everyday” was the name of Martha’s collection sold at Kmart stores from 1997 – 2009. Also, MSLO has for many years had a publication called “Everyday Food”, which also inspired a popular TV cooking show, also called “Everyday Food”.)

Today, Martha appeared in court and testified for four hours. She said that she believed her agreement with JC Penney was structured to be in compliance with the MSLO-Macy’s agreement. She also claimed that Macy’s had breached the contract by not maximizing sales of the Martha Stewart Collection at its stores. Martha claimed that she wanted to open Martha “store within a store” concept in Macy’s, but they were cool to the idea.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.

From The Huffington Post:

The biggest opportunities for Martha Stewart Living are in selling products for the home, including bedding, bath and kitchen merchandise. That’s because as the housing recovery gains momentum in the economic recovery, people likely will put more money into their homes.

During her testimony on Tuesday, Stewart said she always wanted to open big shops within Macy’s stores, but the retailer never embraced that concept. Instead, she said the merchandise in Macy’s stores is just “here and there.”

That’s why she said that a proposal from Penney’s Johnson to create shops filled with home merchandise was appealing to her. She called Johnson a “visionary.”

“We hoped this business would be growing,” Stewart said. “It just boggles my mind that we’re here sitting in front of you, judge.”

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GrandMartha Takes Grandkids Out For a Stroll in NYC


There is absolutely no doubt that Martha loves being a grandmother to Alexis’ two adorable children, Jude and Truman. Whenever she is out with the youngsters, she is beaming ear to ear, as in the photograph above. Yesterday, along with a nanny, she took the grandkids out for a stroll in NYC. Hopefully, Alexis was enjoying some R&R during!

(NOTE: There were other photos published along with this one, but I will no longer post photos of Alexis’ children, after hearing Martha does not like paparazzi snapping photos of her grandkids. Fair enough, right?)

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Martha is Awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts

Without question, there are few individuals who have done more to raise the profile of design in people’s everyday lives than Martha Stewart. It is rare to see a business leader who so successfully integrates design strategy into her company’s business strategy. She deserves every design award available–and perhaps it is all these awards that she plans to store in the 3,200 square foot storage building planned for her Bedford estate that was recently approved by the town council. Congratulations, Martha!

From her own blog, The Martha Blog:

“I am so proud and happy to report that I recently received an honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). Many extraordinary designers have passed through this prestigious school’s doors and I was so thrilled to be notified that I was chosen, along with three other distinguished individuals, as a recipient of an honorary degree at NYSID’s ninety-fifth commencement exercises, recognizing my influence and contributions to the word of entertaining and style.”

via My Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts! – The Martha Stewart Blog.

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Martha Stewart’s Mother’s Day

Awww, here are some really cute photos of Martha and family (including Kevin Sharkey) enjoying Mother’s Day together yesterday. Martha certainly appears to be one happy grandmother! Happy Mother’s Day, Martha and Alexis!

From Mail Online (UK):

The veteran broadcaster was positively beaming as she enjoyed a tasty plate of pasta at New York’s Il Cantinori with her one-year-old granddaughter Jude nestled happily into her lap.

via Martha Stewart spends Mother’s Day with her beautiful granddaughter | Mail Online.

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What Martha Wore: White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Has anyone else noticed Martha’s love affair with shoes? Maybe that’s what will be stored in the new 3,200 SF storage facility on her Bedford farm. When necessary, Martha’s practicality wins the day, but when she needs glam, Martha goes for it! The photo above shoes Martha arriving for the recent White House Correspondent’s Dinner wearing Marchesa, and Sandra Lee at a different event wearing the same dress. You can vote on who you think wore the outfit better (a hint: Martha!) by clicking on the link below. You can also watch video of Marchesa-clad Martha tactfully dodging a reporter’s question by clicking here. FOMs, share your thoughts on Martha’s outfit by leaving a comment here.

From E!Online:

Martha Stewart, attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past week and said on her blog, “Here I am all set to go wearing a lovely beaded dress by Marchesa and shoes by Manolo Blahnik.” Stewart also paired the look with straight hair and minimal makeup.

via Bitch Stole My Look: Sandra Lee vs. Martha Stewart – E! Online.

Martha Speaks (Or Doesn’t Speak): On President Obama and Taxes

Martha is unflappable, as we all know. One certainly doesn’t reach the position that she has without understanding how to handle the media. Recently, while attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC, a FoxNews reporter attempted to get Martha to “go there”. Watch this video to see how she diplomatically deflects the reporter’s question. Gotta love Martha!

From FoxNews:

Business owner and television personality Martha Stewart told The Daily Caller that she thinks President Barack Obama has “tried really hard” in his first term but has met “a little opposition.”

The DC asked Stewart at the White House Correspondents Dinner whether or not she thinks Obama is taking the country in the right direction.

via Martha Stewart: Obama Has ‘Tried Very Hard’ – Martha Stewart – Fox Nation.

Martha’s Surprise Visit to Stonewall Kitchen

Imagine you are shopping at a nice little shop in Maine and you find that Martha Stewart has decided to stop by! That’s what happened yesterday morning to some lucky patrons of Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME. Seems Martha was on her way to Skylands and decided to stop in for a visit. How fun! On Tuesday’s Martha Stewart Show, which celebrated the release of Martha’s American Food, members of the studio audience were treated to Stonewall Kitchen’s Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Down East Tartar Sauce, and New England Cocktail Sauce. Those Stonewall Kitchen products are delicious! I especially love their jellies, jams, and marmalades and the Black Cherry Cognac Sauce Any FOMs have photos of Martha in the store? If so, please send and I’ll post here for others!


Domestic diva Martha Stewart swung by Stonewall Kitchen on her way to her Bar Harbor home Friday morning, delighting customers and staff, according to director of marketing Janine Somers.

Stonewall Kitchen co-owners Jonathan King and Jim Stott knew Stewart would be visiting and were there to greet her and give her a tour, Somers said.

via Martha Stewart surprises Stonewall Kitchen |