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Martha vs. Macys: Pretrial Documents Begin to Appear as Court Date Approaches

As the February 20 court date approaches, we can expect to start seeing more of the pretrial details emerge. Today, Macy’s alleged that JC Penney demanded, and MSLO produced to them, proprietary information belonging to Macy’s. As expected, this will likely get messier before it gets better, as both sides battle to defend their interpretation of Martha’s contract with Macy’s, which runs through 2018. Whatever the outcome of the court case, MarthaHome shops will start appearing in JC Penney stores next month. The MarthaHome page is already live on the JC Penney website, as reported earlier.

From the Business Courier website:

In pretrial documents, Macy’s claimed it gathered evidence “documenting” a “mass of correspondence” between its rivals, in which J.C. Penney “demanded and MSLO transmitted Macy’s confidential, proprietary information.”

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Get Ready for MarthaHome!


Special thanks to FOM Alan for sending this in!

The MarthaHome pre-launch page is live on the JC Penney website! No browsable content yet, but you can sign-up to receive updates by text message or by email. Be among the first in your area to know about special events related to the MarthaHome launch! Looks like MSLO is fairly confident of reaching agreement with Macy’s over that retailer’s lawsuit. MSLO and JC Penney could use some good news–and the launch of this new collection may be it. Can’t wait to explore MarthaHome in a JC Penney’s store!

You can click on “Find a Store” located at the top of the page, next to the search box on the JC Penney homepage, to find the store closest to you.

From the MarthaHome page:

Welcome home…to MarthaHome. A new collection of items designed to simplify your life, while adding color and individuality to the way you live. If you can imagine it, we can help make it a reality.

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