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The Last Taping of the Martha Stewart Show

The last episode of the Emmy-awarding winning Martha Stewart show, taped at the end of April, aired yesterday on Hallmark Channel. Martha blogged about the taping on The Martha Blog. The taping was followed by a wrap party at EN Japanese Brasserie.

The reason for the cancellation was high production costs. Says Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia president and COO, Lisa Gersh, “Our expensive studio lease is expiring next year, and we will either bring television in-house or find lower cost space, which will significantly reduce our TV operating margins.”

Not to worry, FOMs–Martha will be back on TV when “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” airs on PBS later Fall 2012.

Says Martha on The Martha Blog:

“On April 24th, we taped the very last episode of my television show, our Mother’s Day show, which airs today on Hallmark. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and we have been honoring mothers on this special day since 1914! Ever since my mother, Big Martha, passed away five years ago, Mother’s Day leaves me feeling sentimental. I sincerely miss my mother, from whom I learned so much and who helped shape the person I am today. But, the bright note is that I now have a granddaughter and that cheers me so!”

via The Last Taping of my Show – The Mother’s Day Show! – The Martha Stewart Blog.

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In Her Own Words: “How to Do a How-To” (video)

In this video, Martha Stewart shares her expertise on how to demonstrate and teach others.

From Bloomberg/Business Week:

“My whole philosophy about teaching how to is that I don’t care if the viewer or the reader actually does the process. That you know how it should be done is important. Even if you’re hiring someone else to do it, you should know how something should be done. If you’re hiring a housekeeper, you want that housekeeper to know how to wash a dish. A lot of people have no clue how to wash a dish. Everyone appreciates simple clear instructions.” –Martha Stewart

via How to Do a How To – Businessweek.