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Martha on the Today Show, August 20, 2012

Martha stopped by NBC’s Today Show this morning for a demo on swirled desserts, or “Desserts with a Twist”. Recipes are featured in the August issue of “Martha Stewart Living” magazine, and are also available here. Note how Martha uses items from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macys, demonstrating her commitment to that relationship, even while the legal skirmish continues to work itself out in court. FOMs: Have you ever made a jelly roll, or a meringue, like those shown here? Now’s your chance!

From The Today Show’s website:

“Give it a swirl! Whether cake, cookie or even ice cream, dessert instantly looks more impressive when it does the twist,” says kitchen maven Martha Stewart. Follow her lead and make your own “swirl” cake by using her simple techniques. Here, Martha prepares a chocolate peanut butter tart, coffee meringue-ice cream cake, hazelnut-raspberry jelly roll and cherry gelee.

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Preview Video of “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” on PBS!

At last–a sneak peek! Click on the image above for a preview video! Check your local listings to see what time the show will be on in your area. FOMs: Can’t wait for October 6, right?

From PBS’ YouTube channel:

Martha Stewart conducts a culinary master class for American home cooks each week. The teaching series, inspired by her best-selling book Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook, debuts in October on PBS stations. In each 30-minute episode, Martha demonstrates classic cooking techniques and basics. Using her signature step-by-step, how-to teaching process, she illustrates the building blocks of recipes everyone should know (from roasting to poaching to braising and blanching).

via Martha Stewart’s Cooking School | Preview | PBS – YouTube.

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This is a nice video with clips from Martha’s speech to graduating students. How inspiring to have Martha Stewart share some of her ideas with you as you embark on your post-graduate career! On her own blog, Martha shares some of what she spoke about to the students: “I spoke about the importance of working hard, finding passion, knowing it’s never too late to achieve, be willing to rethink your ideas but persevere, stay curious, and taking the time to savor success and celebrate it with family and friends.”

The representative of the University of Phoenix–where many students are older than average college students, have families, and/or are continuing their education while working full-time–shared why they asked Martha to speak at the commencement. He says, “Martha embodies the spirit of University of Phoenix…the spirit of sticking to it, of reinventing herself when necessary, and of staying with it until she succeeds.” Indeed!

FOMs: Add to Martha’s list of achievements: Inspirator in Chief!

From Vimeo:

June 2012, Glendale, AZ: American business magnate, media personality, magazine publisher, best-selling author, and lifestyle “guru” Martha Stewart gave the commencement speech at the University of Phoenix. During the course of two days and with over 10,000 guests in attendance, Stewart addressed more than 2,000 graduates from around the country at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.


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Surprise Judge Martha Judges TODAY Viewers’ Birthday Cakes

Martha made a surprise appearance on the Today Show this morning, to act as judge for the show’s homemade birthday cake contest. Martha’s criteria for judging a cake’s success: 1) Creativity/originality; 2) beautiful design; and 3) taste. Later, she added that, of the three, taste is the most important. I love this segment: Martha, while friendly and encouraging to all contestants, takes the tasting and judging of the cakes VERY seriously. FOMs: How nervous would you be in Martha was tasting YOUR cake? I would freak!

BTW, if you’re brave enough to do so, you can check out classic birthday cakes, with mouthwatering photos as well as recipes, on Martha’s website. WARNING: Do not click if you are hungry! You have been warned! 🙂

From The Today Show’s website:

Surprise guest judge Martha Stewart selects a winner from three viewer finalists in the competition for the title of best homemade birthday cake in America.

Surprise! Martha judges TODAY viewers’ birthday cakes – food –

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Martha Stewart on choosing one final meal: “Probably good, fresh eggs…delicious salad from the garden”

Martha seems so relaxed in this delightful interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. In this clip, she discusses what she’d eat (and drink) for her last meal. Of course, we FOMs already knew that eggs were Martha’s favorite food, right?


“If I was very hungry and I was told that I only had an hour?,” she clarified the question. “I probably wouldn’t be thinking about eating, Piers, but…”

“What would you start with?,” wondered the host.

“Probably good, fresh eggs. Delicious salad from the garden,” Stewart shared. “Boiled, scrambled. Just a really good farm butter.”

“And the main course, what would you have?” he followed up.

“That’s my main course,” she concluded.

via Martha Stewart on choosing one final meal: “Probably good, fresh eggs…delicious salad from the garden” – Piers Morgan – Blogs.

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Martha talks rap music on The Talk

Love this clip from Martha’s May 14 appearance on The Talk. Martha brought some goodies for the show’s hosts and dished on, of all things, rap music! Seems Martha is not only friends with many rap stars, but is a fan of rap music herself! In the interview, Martha claims that she herself cannot rap–but I ask you FOMs: Do ANY of us believe Martha couldn’t rap if she set her mind to it? I’m certain she’d be excellent!

From YouTube:

Martha Stewart visits The Talk’s New York studio and reveals her secret love of rap music: “I love Eminem, Kanye West & I tried rap with P. Diddy.” Go M-C Martha!

via Martha Stewart Wants A New Eminem Album | The Talk – YouTube.


According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Eminem has revealed that he is working on his new album just days after Martha urged him to do so! That’s right, Martha’s command over the rap world is slowly becoming evident. Martha speaks, Eminem jumps–that’s how she rolls! In all seriousness, Eminem has announced that he is starting to work on his first solo album since 2010’s “Recovery”; news that will no doubt please Martha, a fan of rap music.

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Martha Speaks: On Martha Stewart Fine Furniture

In this interview Martha discusses some of the inspiration behind her upcoming line of high-end furniture, Martha Stewart’s Fine Furniture. She also discusses, briefly, her upcoming show on PBS, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. Seems PBS has chosen Martha as the heir apparent to certain much-beloved cooking show host on PBS. Go Martha!

From YouTube:

Furniture Today’s Ray Allegrezza talks to Martha Stewart, who unveiled her new Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection in the Miles Talbott showroom at the spring 2012 High Point Market. With the upholstery made by Miles Talbott and case goods imported from Colombia by Lefa, the new collection includes 25 upholstery and 55 bedroom, dining and occasional pieces.

via Martha Stewart debuts furniture line at Miles Talbott – YouTube.

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Martha Speaks (Or Doesn’t Speak): On President Obama and Taxes

Martha is unflappable, as we all know. One certainly doesn’t reach the position that she has without understanding how to handle the media. Recently, while attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC, a FoxNews reporter attempted to get Martha to “go there”. Watch this video to see how she diplomatically deflects the reporter’s question. Gotta love Martha!

From FoxNews:

Business owner and television personality Martha Stewart told The Daily Caller that she thinks President Barack Obama has “tried really hard” in his first term but has met “a little opposition.”

The DC asked Stewart at the White House Correspondents Dinner whether or not she thinks Obama is taking the country in the right direction.

via Martha Stewart: Obama Has ‘Tried Very Hard’ – Martha Stewart – Fox Nation.

In Her Own Words: “How to Do a How-To” (video)

In this video, Martha Stewart shares her expertise on how to demonstrate and teach others.

From Bloomberg/Business Week:

“My whole philosophy about teaching how to is that I don’t care if the viewer or the reader actually does the process. That you know how it should be done is important. Even if you’re hiring someone else to do it, you should know how something should be done. If you’re hiring a housekeeper, you want that housekeeper to know how to wash a dish. A lot of people have no clue how to wash a dish. Everyone appreciates simple clear instructions.” –Martha Stewart

via How to Do a How To – Businessweek.