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“Mad Hungry Cravings” to be Published March 19, 2013!


Yay! “Mad Hungry” from MSLO Executive Food Editor Lucinda Scala Quinn is one of my fave books–it’s gorgeous and the recipes are quite accessible. “Mad Hungry” was/is one of my favorite cooking shows as well. Lucinda oozes love for her family and her cooking is all about bringing family back to the table. Not a bad thing, right (depending on your family)? Now, LSQ has announced her follow-up book, “Mad Hungry Cravings”. FOMs: Knowing Lucinda Scala Quinn, we’ll all be craving these recipes in no time!

Note: Remember, when possible, to buy books from your local independent book seller. If you love books, support those smaller businesses who struggle to compete in a competitive print media market. It may cost more, but it keeps their doors open for you!

Preorder “Mad Hungry Cravings” online at Powell’s.

From The Good Cook website:

It’s fun to get take-out, nobody’s saying you can never do it again. But we could all probably eat less of these more likely than not salt-and-fat-enriched dishes. Next time the craving for Pork Fried Rice or Sicilian-Style Deep-Dish Pizza hits, don’t reach for the phone, reach for Mad Hungry Cravings instead! Lucinda Scala Quinn makes it tastier, healthier and more affordable to enjoy restaurant-style fare with 173 recipes for the kinds of American, Asian, Latin and Mediterranean dishes typically found on a take-out menu. Love classic diner food? You’re covered with breakfast, blue plate specials (such as Chicken-Fried Steak with Sweet Potatoes and Collard Greens with Ham & Bacon on the side) and dessert. Color photos.

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Forbes Details Plan to Evolve Martha Stewart Brand

There has been much discussion in the media lately about MSLO and the Martha Stewart brand. Martha is a recognized and much-admired personality, but the challenge faced by the company is how best to convert Martha’s reputation for quality and entrepreneurship into revenue. They have already made cuts to reduce expenditures, but Wall Street and others are watching to see how MSLO navigates the road ahead. Forbes is confident the company will thrive. As they point out, “She can figure it out. Martha is one smart and tough cookie.” Agreed!

In the Forbes article, the magazine outlines its own plan to revive the Martha Stewart brand, which I’ve summarized below:

Make Deals to Evolve the Brand

Evolving a brand is different than growing a brand. To evolve a brand you need to find new affiliations to update the brand message. Here are three ways.

1. Find New Partners. Making deals to breathe life into the brand is essential. Stewart says “We are forging ahead with new partnerships and new products, and we expect to be able to gain the international foothold that has been so elusive in the last few years.”

2. Find New Platforms. Another important task is to get the new brand message to new audiences in new ways.  For example, Stewart is now exploring reality-TV deals and developing short how-to content for the Web and mobile devices.

3. Find Ways to Diversify. Having only one voice of the brand does not cut it anymore. Over the years, the areas of the homemaking that Martha pioneered have since splintered into market segments. Forbes points out that Oprah diversified into market-specific segments by promoting Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, both of whom are leaders in their respective areas. Martha has started to do this with Emeril (whose licensing rights were acquired in 2008), and with “Mad Hungry” lead by MSLO Food Editor, Lucinda Scala Quinn.

You can read the entire Forbes article here.

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