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Martha is already taping “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” for the fall!

I hope that you already check Martha’s blog regularly. Martha is, of course, a writer and an exceptional photographer, and she devotes considerable attention to her very informative blog. In today’s entry “Planting the Terrace Urns at Skylands”, she shares some photographs (including the one shown above) from a lunch break she hosted for Skylands workers who were assisting with the planting of outdoor plants that had wintered in Bedford. She shares that she served a roast beef prepared the day before for an upcoming segment of her PBS show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School”. The standing ribs of beef roast recipe will be shared along with others this fall. What about it, FOMs: Are you planning to watch Martha’s show on PBS? Of course we are!

BTW, if you enjoy this type of behind-the-scenes information about Martha, then you’ll love Martha’s blog. There, she shares many things, including all the hard work that is involved in keeping her homes beautiful and up-to-date. One of my favorite entries, titled “Spring Redecorating at the Farm” shows what happened after Martha discovered the carpeting in her Bedford home had been installed improperly. Now I ask you: Who installs something incorrectly at Martha Stewart’s house? If anyone could catch such an error, it would be Martha, right?

From the photo captions on The Martha Blog:

Lunch break! It was delicious! We all sat in the kitchen and ate one of the roasts I had prepared the day before in a ‘Cooking School’ segment – standing ribs of beef. [The delicious meat] came from Pat LaFrieda in New York City – The recipe to come this fall on ‘Martha’s Cooking School’ on PBS!

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Martha Speaks: On Martha Stewart Fine Furniture

In this interview Martha discusses some of the inspiration behind her upcoming line of high-end furniture, Martha Stewart’s Fine Furniture. She also discusses, briefly, her upcoming show on PBS, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. Seems PBS has chosen Martha as the heir apparent to certain much-beloved cooking show host on PBS. Go Martha!

From YouTube:

Furniture Today’s Ray Allegrezza talks to Martha Stewart, who unveiled her new Martha Stewart Fine Furniture collection in the Miles Talbott showroom at the spring 2012 High Point Market. With the upholstery made by Miles Talbott and case goods imported from Colombia by Lefa, the new collection includes 25 upholstery and 55 bedroom, dining and occasional pieces.

via Martha Stewart debuts furniture line at Miles Talbott – YouTube.

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