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Martha is Inteviewed for Haute Living Magazine


A very nice, flattering article on Martha appeared in Haute Living Magazine. FOMs, read the entire article for more Martha love, including an interesting Q&A at the end.

From the article as is the above photo, which appeared on the cover:

It is this kind of brazenness and no-holds-barred attitude that has propelled Stewart to superstardom and enabled her to revolutionize domesticity, transforming household tasks and do-it-yourself projects into a mainstream, buzzworthy phenomenon. “It took a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of creativity to not exactly redefine lifestyle, but to popularize lifestyle,” she confesses. “We made home-keeping more of a pleasure than a chore… and made it more important than just a menial job. I do not believe that taking care of the home or family is in any way menial. I find it extremely important and I think it is just as important as going to the office every day, maybe even more so.”